Packaging Fanatics

Sufficent in-house equipments is not only important to speed up the sampling and manufacturing process, low down the
risks of semi-finished materials damaged during transportation, but also important to keep your unique design in confidential
before your product goes into the market.

Our manufacturing house has full in-house facilities to finish almost all of the process from prototyping, pre-press, printing, 

post-press, hand assembling, packing to final shipment to our customers. 

Our major in-house facilities include :
Auto sample trimming machine, Kodak CTP system,5-color Heidelberg sheet-fed offset press,
6-color Heidelberg sheet-fed offset press, Sticker rotary press, Auto diecut machines, manual diecut machine, Lamination machines

Auto UV coating machine, Auto mouting machine, Auto folding and glue machines, Auto screen print machines, Auto foil stamping machines, Trim machines, Paper grooving machines, Drying room, 8 hand assembling production lines and In-house testing lab ect.

We plan to getting more facilities to fulfill customers' requirements in future.


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