Customer-oriented Service

We are equipped with 5-colour and 6-colour brand new Heidelberg presses and Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system for
precision registration and quality press-ready plates.

We are also accredited with GMI ( Graphic Measurement International ) qualification.

Colour matching and colour consistency are our priorities to run the jobs.
It is the collaboration of modern technology and expert skills. 

Our press staffs are well trained and have extensive experience to operate sophisticated printing presses. 

Dieline film is used at the colour adjusting stage to verify logo and texts are at proper position before printing. 

X‑Rite eXact Densitometer is used to help to ensure that the colour is consistent at different place of the printed sheet and
at different print runs.

Techinical datas are marked onto the printed sheets once customers or press masters sign off the colour.
Signed off samples are well kept into the project folder for future usage.

Link: Professional Precision Molder

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