Customer-oriented Service

Pre-press is one of the most important process to make the products right at the first time. 

Our strict workflow makes all small details and potential problems are catched and shot before mass printing starts.

Artfile Checking :

Our skilled graphic designers check customers' artfiles carefully to ensure that the artfiles are problem-free in terms of
files and fonts are complete, resolutions are high enough, size matches latest approved white sample, treatment layers
are complete ect. 

Color Separation Files :

In some cases, the initial artfile designed may not be correct.

To ensure that the artfile is 100% correct as the customer wants, our graphic designers create color separation file which
includes all process colours, PMS colours and special treatments to customers for final approval before press.

Blueprint Mocked Samples :

In some cases, it's difficult to identify if the logo or texts are at correction direction and position from computer screen.
Phisical sample is helpful to verify this concern.

To shoot this potential problems, our engineer creates blueprint mocked samples to verify the direction and position
of logo and texts and send pictures to customer for final review.

Pre-production Samples :

Pre-production samples with printing and full process are important for customers to review how the final products look like
and how the quality of mass productiont looks like.

Besides pre-production samples, for large scale or high-end projects, we also provide colour drawdown samples to imitate
the colour difference during mass printing for customers to review and approve the colour variation.

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