Packaging Expert

Besta Pack is an expert manufacturer producing various packaging products for a broad range of sectors.

Our products are widely used in the industries of Gift Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Coin Packaging, Medal Packaging,
Food & Beverage Packaging, Wine & Spirit Packaging and more.

We are not only skilled to manufacture regular style gift box like book box, lift-off lid box, hinged box and paper tubes,
but also skilled to manufacture irregular shaped box like heart shaped box, wreath box, house shaped box, tree shaped box,
briefcase box, oval shaped box, hexagonal shape Box, decagonal shape box ect. 

We have extensive experience to manufacture challanging and difficult products for high-end customers from Mints and luxury brands.

For more about our manufacturing experitise, please check out our product catoguries list at left side.

Looking forward to offer our innovative packaging service for your product.

Link: Professional Precision Molder

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