Customer-oriented Service

Proper loading to ensure products are delivered to customers' warehouse in safe condition is as important as
the product's quality itself.

Our shipping and warehouse team are well trained to load the products properly for both floor loading and pallet loading.

Floor Loading :

Our shipping team calculate the cargo capacity carefully to find the best way to optimize the container's capacity for
each FCL shipment. 

Loading layout with detialed quantities and loading sequencies is provided to warehouse team one day before
contianer arrives. Container nets to prevent ship cases falling off to hurt customer's workers when opening container doors
are used for every FCL shipment.

Pallet Loading :

Our workers are skilled to load the ship cases onto pallet properly.

Corner protectors, playwood pallet lid, plastic straps, corrugated board strap and stretch films are used to secure ship cases
onto pallets.

Each pallet is shipped with two pallet lables underneath the stretch films to make it easy for customer to identify the quantity
of products on each pallet. 


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