Cosmetic Packaging

It's human nature to love beauty. Cosmetic products make people look younger and attractive.

There are enormous cosmetic and beauty brands in the world. Unique packaging design and manufacturing quality are important factors to enhance brand impression in front of end users.

We not only develop and manufacture cosmetic packaging products for mid-makert brands, but also work with high-end brands to develop unique packaging products using special materials, technology and manufacturing process.

Besides regular paper stock, we are also using acid-free stock to manufacture the products to keep the pacakging lasts
for long period without fading.

We worked with customers to develop special packaging products that has multi-level sculptured embossing with
foil stamping and spot UV at the same illustration position to create stereoscopic vision but protect the feature at the same time.

There are more products that have premium design - like embedded LCD to display the video of corporate and brand's history,
box with laser cut PET window lid ect.

Check out below products to find out more about our manufacturing expertise.


Link: Professional Precision Molder

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