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Item No. : CP-007

Paper tube with curled edges and build-in inserts glued in the neck. 

Product made of 157gsm art paper, 1.5mm thick paper tube and 1800gsm grey board for top panel, bottom panel and built-in insert.


EVA insert glued in the lid and at the bottom to protect the bottle.


Built-in inserts not only to keep the products in position,
but also help to protect the products from damage.


Tube’s diameter and height can be adjusted based on customer’s product size.


The tube not only can pack round bottle, but also other shapes of bottles.


This packaging is safe enough to protect the inside product ( 460g full filled perfume bottle ).

It pass the drop testing from 60cm height at any angle.

Unique and elegant design for the packaging of perfumes, candles or red wines.


The product is to show our manufacturing expertise only.

It is NOT for resale direct but we can manufacture similar tubes for you based on your product’s size, illustrations and trademarks.

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Item # : CP-007
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