Packaging Fanatics

Besta Pack offers innovative packaging service to customers from packaging design, prototyping, proofing, testing,
manufacturing to final delivery.

We have strict work flow to control the quality at evey process to ensure that the job is done correct at the first time.

Here is brief process to show how we are manage our customer's projects :

Step 1 : Our design team work together with customers to turn customer's design concept into 3D rendering file
              for customer's review.

Step 2 : Upon 3D rendering approval, our engineer creates an initial prototype to test the structure and functions and
             show the viedo and pictures to customers for review.

Step 3 : Our engineer creates offical prototyes for customer approval, at the same time the samples will be given to
              our QA team to do various testings to ensure that materials, structure and process are safe and problem-free before
             mass production starts 

Step 4 : Our pre-press staff countercheck customer's artfile to ensure that they are correct and complete against the quote
             and the approved prototype for the project.

Step 5 : Our engineer creates digital proof mocked up to countercheck the position and direction of illustrations, logo
             and texts to ensure that they are correct before printing for pre-production sample.

Step 6 : Our engineer creates pre-production samples with full printing and finishing for customer approval before
             mass production.

Step 7 : Materials are ordered after customer approved the pre-production samples.

Step 8 : Mass production starts. Our QC inspector is on-site of every production process to monitor the quality.

Step 9 : Final Inspection before container loaded.

Step10 : Cargo ship to customers.  
We offer various trade terms for customer's option -  Ex-works, FOB China port or DDP to customer's warehouse.

Link: Professional Precision Molder

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